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::Building a Better BC Fundraiser with John Horgan draws energetic crowd of supporters in Surrey

Surrey - Hundreds gathered to hear BC NDP Leader John Horgan and show support for candidates Harry Bains and Ravi Kahlon on Sunday evening.  The Riverside Signature Banquet Hall was bursting at the seams, when more than 700 people took part in a massive fundraiser. Most Surrey BC NDP candidates were in attendance including Rachna Singh running in Surrey-Green Timbers, Bruce Ralston for Surrey-Whalley, Jinny Sims running in Surrey-Panorama, Jagrup Brar for Surrey-Fleetwood and Aman Singh, the candidate in Richmond-Queensborough.
“The amount of people who came out in such weather to support Harry and I is evidence of the momentum of the BC NDP here in Surrey,” said Kahlon. “It shows how tired people are of Christy Clark’s policies and her disregard for real people.
 “The message was loud and clear,” said Bains. “People were excited and the crowd was ready to tell Christy Clark that they want a BC NDP government that works for everyone, not just the top 2% of British Columbians.”
 In Surrey, overcrowded schools, growing crime rates, lack of public transit and affordability are on the top of people’s minds. With the election just over two months away, people are gearing up to defeat Christy Clark and the BC Liberals and elect a government that cares about real people and will build a better British Columbia.
Article and Photo coverage: Al Ameen Post

::Shaykh Abu Bakr Al-Shatri Visits Vancouver on a Tour With HCI

Human Concern International (HCI) welcomed renowned Shaykh Abu Bakr Al-Shatri of Saudi Arabia on a Canada wide fundraising tour for Syrian refugees. HCI organised events in Vancouver, Surrey, Edmonton, Calgary and Toronto in partnership with local Muslim organisations.
Shaykh Abu Bakr Al-Shatri is an imam in Al Furkane Mosque in Jeddah, and is among the leading reciters of the Quran. He recites on the Quran Explorer app and is revered in the hafiza community. Shaykh Abu Bakr has attended many international Islamic events, particularly across the Middle East and in Saudi Arabia. This was his first tour of Canada.
The MAC (Muslim Association of Canada) Center on Kingsway drew around 200 Muslims of all ages on Wednesday 1st March to pray Esha led by Shaykh Abu Bakr and hear a beautiful recitation of the Quran and lecture in Arabic. Even though Shaykh Abu Bakr had earlier flown in from the UK he was keen to share an intimate meal with the MAC volunteers after the event.
Guildford Musalla in Surrey hosted the second event in BC. This is a relatively new Islamic Center and growing fast with over 350 Muslims from many origins attending the free family event. The Shaykh took the opportunity to listen to listen to young Akasha Zafar who is learning memorise the Quran. A beautiful recitation was also given by local Hafiz Hamadullah Qazi.
In addition to the Shaykh Abu Bakr amazing recitation, Shaykh Musleh Kahn from Toronto led the fundraising at both events. A presentation and video was also shown by the HCI Manager from the Toronto Mohammad Noorani, to highlight the work of HCI and efforts in the HCI Lebanon office.
The HCI Lebanon team has been working on the ground since the start of the long running conflict. The Lebanon office has provided over $6M in direct aid for tents, clothing, food and medical supplies. HCI also provides local volunteers to manage logistics to deliver these services. To get more information in HCI and programs visit If you missed the chance or would like to donate more and receive a tax receipt, you can do so at HCI:
“I want to thank Brothers Ahmad Khalil and Tariq Ramadan of the MAC Center and Brother Wasim Malik and the Board Guildford Musalla for opening their doors in supporting the event. My thanks to all the volunteers, especially Sister Tanweer Ibrahim, Director of Nisa Homes, and Brothers Furquan Gehlen and Khalid Khan, who all made the event possible. A very big thanks to all of the families who came out to the see Shaykh Abu Bakr and support the HCI Lebanon effort for Syrian families. Fundraising totals will be made available once the Canada wide tour wraps up.” said Ishtiaq Salim, HCI’s Representative in BC.  
Ishtiaq said he is looking to expand the HCI team to take advantage of the “pool of BC Muslim talent“. Contact Ishtiaq Salim – 604 786 1161, if you are interested joining HCI in BC to develop partnerships that support local and international initiatives.
Source: Al Ameen Post

::Saaz Institute hosts a successful Educational Celebration of Indian Classical Music

On March 12th, Saaz Institute hosted a successful Musical and Educational Celebration of Indian Classical Musical event. The event featured an interview of a young musician, Sharanjeet Singh Mand by Dr. Thomas Hunter, lecturer of Asian Studies at UBC. After the interview, Sharanjeet and Cassius Khan, renowned tabla player performed for the audience. Mr Sukhi Bath presented the appreciation plaques to the artists.


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Local Events

::Shaykh Abu Bakr Al-Shatri Visits Vancouver on a Tour With HCI
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